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28 Mar

One of the things that I routinely do is use google to locate the best prices on, well, stuff.  For example, I wanted to finally buy some coconut oil.  God knows there’s a zillion forms of coconut milk/fat/water/oil/flakes/flakes sans sugar with organic versions of each one.  What I wanted to buy was organic extra-virgin coconut oil. So I google it and see the prices range from $8 to $30.   The drawback of using google is that I never bother to query with the filter of “only one item, no cases, nothing over $12, etc.”   And after a few minutes, I find the best price is $10 from some vitamin site that has no taxes and free shipping.  The shipping can be anything from reasonable to WTF? dollars.

The interesting thing about this stuff is that you can use it as a moisturizer or you can cook with it.  I know you can also use oil oil for your skin if you don’t mind the slight scent of olives.  I’ve even seen a “light extra-virgin olive oil”.  (Possibly from the makers of Starbuck’s blonde coffee.)

Oh, what am I going to do with this little jar of goo?  Probably cook with it, probably see if it works as a moisturizer, and from the HP article, see if helps grow hair!  (Yes, oil + chili power = paste you rub on your head.)